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PUBLICATION | GSP INSIGHTS - Insights on the EU's Generalised Scheme of Preferences (Trends - Monitoring - Testimonials)


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This publication gathers concise information on the EU’s Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP), including the most recent trends and insights relating to both the economic and values objectives of the scheme. It aims to increase awareness of the benefits and opportunities the GSP offers for industry stakeholders, civil society, trade unions, and public authorities in the EU and GSP beneficiary countries.

Through the GSP, the EU makes an important contribution to accompanying developing countries in their economic and social development objectives utilising the economic mechanisms of trade.

Recent economic data on trade flows between the EU and GSP beneficiary countries suggests that the current GSP is delivering with regards to its objectives. The GSP remains highly relevant for beneficiary countries- in 2019, about 40% of overall EU imports from LDCs and lower or lower-middle income countries were imported using preferential tariffs. Despite a reduction in the number of beneficiary countries, preferential imports increased by 44% between 2014 and 2019. 

In addition to the economic aspects, the GSP includes a significant values dimension, promoting human and labour rights, environmental protection, and good governance in beneficiary countries and also relates to broader sustainability and environmental protection initiatives such as the European Green Deal. This engagement is most prominent within the GSP+ arrangement, which requires GSP beneficiary countries to participate in a monitoring process to assess the progress and status of the 27 international conventions included in the regulation. 

Download the 'GSP Insights' to get more economic insights and learn in more detail about the GSP+ monitoring process, ways to engage with the EU’s GSP and ways forward with the GSP regulation.

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The 'GSP Insights' also gathers a number of testimonials and success stories from EU importers, exporters from GSPtestimonials beneficiary countries as well as civil society organisations. 

The following organisations are featured in the testimonials:

  • Haleb, Armenia 
  • J. Cortès Cigars, Belgium
  • Globe International Center (GIC), Mongolia
  • Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society, Kyrgyzstan 


The testimonials can be downloaded here:

Download Testimonials


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